We here at DXCC have been working long and hard - every day - to come up with something that everyone would want. We have finally realized just what everyone truely wants:

(NEW! Version 1.20)

We have just finished creating our first "Freebie". This is for the active VHF Ham Radio Operator who needs to know which way to point the antenna to a station located at a distance away. It also will give you the mileage between you and the other station, and the beam heading for both your station and his station. Very handy. It comes up quick, and is easy to use. Stick a shortcut to it on your desktop, then it's really easy to get to. Just unzip the file into a scratch directory, point to it with the "RUN" command, and run Setup.exe - it's all self installing and has been checked out on both Windows '95 and Windows NT. It is compiled for 32 bit use, so probably doesn't work with Windows 3.x - if there is enough desire for that version, I could re-compile it for that environment.

The current version uses the "Grid Square" system for the location on both your station and the "other" station. Using the full six digits, you can get to within 3-4 miles accurate distances. In the new version, there is now a "Degrees to Square" calculator for easy determination of a 6 digit grid. I have come to the conclusion that 6 digits is fine for all VHF endeavors.

The "Setup" file for the first installation is large because it includes all of the runtime and dll's, etc. Many of you may already have most of these files. The installation tool WILL NOT load any file if there is an EXISTING or NEWER version of the file already installed on your system, so don't worry about that. Also, the first time you run it, go into the "Options" Screen and install your call and 6 digit Grid Square. It will remember the information, so you only have to do it once.

Have Fun!

Roger, K2SMN

Download the Grid Calculator

Last updated February 3, 2008
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